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Josiah Taylor II Descendants

This Josiah Taylor, youngest son of Josiah Taylor I and Abigail Den(n)ison and younger brother of Jonathan Taylor, was born 3 February 1775 in Mansfield CT and died 23 August 1856 (alternate years 1857 or 1867) according to the age on his tombstone. The earlier family line is shown on Josiah married Maria(h) Washburn (born 1773 in CT, died 4 November 1846 in Granville OH) in 1796 in Connecticut, and they migrated to Granville sometime between 1796 and 1818 when Josiah bought land in Granville (The 1800 and 1810 Federal Censuses were checked-nothing showed up.). The 1820 Census showed Josiah and Mariah had nine children and the 1830 Census showed at least two or three more. This entire family history is characterized by alternate dates, "probably"s, and missing documents and information; the Taylors do not appear in any known church records and almost all Licking Co. (Granville) wills were burned (except the 1844 volume which can't be found). According to local sources, no Taylor descendants live in Granville anymore; the Taylors now in Granville are later arrivals.

Josiah's older brother David Taylor, his wife Olive Waldo Taylor, and their children (note "General" Jonathan Taylor-U.S. Congressman in the 26th Congress) lived in Newark OH about eight miles away, also in Licking Co.

Few names of Josiah and Maria(h)'s children are known. Lucy Taylor was born July 1800 in an unknown place and died May 18, 1818 in Granville. Sophronia Taylor was born in an unknown time and place, married Elisha S. Gilman 2 August 1820 in Granville, and disappeared after having two daughters (Sophronia Gilman, Lucy Gilman) and her husband dying in 1822 (alternate 1828); she probably remarried and moved elsewhere (per local sources). Jonathon (correct spelling) Taylor was probably another son; he served with Josiah as bondsman in 1832. Josiah's best known child was his son Periander W. Taylor, born in 1803 in an unknown place (alternate is 1800, but see Lucy Taylor's birth date above) and died 27 January 1844 in Granville.

From 1820 to 1825, Josiah Taylor and Periander W. Taylor ran a shop where they dressed the locally-purchased sandstone, mostly making and lettering tombstones but also making stone lintels and foundation blocks. Later, Periander was a contractor helping to build a local canal, built a flour mill, and was associated with a cast iron stove producer.

Periander W. Taylor married Olive Jenks (born in place unknown, died 30 December 1835 in Granville) on 20 November 1823 in Granville. The Census of 1840 suggests indirectly they had at least two or three children. Two are known: Eliza Ann Taylor, who died in 1824 when 18 days old, and Periander A. Taylor, born 1830 in Granville and died 4 May 1925 in Norwood OH after a life spent in a number of small Indiana towns. Periander W. Taylor next married Laura Case (born 1812 in Granville, died at an unknown time and place after marrying two succeeding husbands) in 1836 in Granville. According to "The Cases of Granville OH & Allied Families" by Mary Case Amner, they had two children, Laura Taylor and Henry Taylor (no more information in this source); the Census of 1840 indicates one more girl. Actually, Henry Taylor is more likely to have been the son of Periander and Olive Jenks, because he served as bondsman in 1850 for Jeremiah Munson (deceased), the second husband of Laura Case Taylor; unlikely at the age of 14 or less-certainly not a "man of substantial means".

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